Hypnotherapy & Ego State Therapy at Autumn RETREAT

Freedom from...Anxiety, Unwanted Habits, Chronic Pain...Connection to Inner Strength, Confidence, Self Acceptance

Hypnosis can help you unfold into your potential. Hypnosis or trance is an everyday experience very like being absorbed in a good book or an engrossing film. Its simply a state of focussed awareness, sometimes deeper, and sometimes lighter. Hypnosis is a gentle but powerful experience. You'll feel connected, centred, empowered and quiet inside. You are always in control with hypnosis. You go as deeply or as lightly into trance as you choose. Whenever you're in conflict, when you feel stuck, when you want to improve your performance, hypnotherapy can help. Ego State Therapy is a type of hypnosis that helps bring resolution between conflicting parts of yourself. When a part of you feels one way and another part of you feels the other, Ego State Therapy helps you find the place of no conflict. For example, perhaps you want to stop smoking but part of you loves to smoke; or part of you is too afraid to do what another part of you really wants to do. Hypnotherapy helps when you can't resolve an issue by just thinking about it.

Hypnotherapy may assist with:
-Pain & Illness
-During pregnancy & Birth
-Self esteem

Hypnotherapy is available at Autumn Retreat:
By appointment



For bookings and enquiries phone Autumn Retreat reception on 9416 9872

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