Counselling & Psychology at Autumn RETREAT

Counselling: Anxiety and uncertainty are an inevitable part of modern life. The human search for clarity, awareness and personal understanding rarely transpires in a vacuum. Human connection must be the most precious state we can achieve; and yet for all of us, to varying degrees, it is the most challenging. Sometimes we just need someone objective to talk to. Talking to a counsellor can provide the support needed to help access your innate wisdom and ultimate understanding. Through the counselling relationship, it is possible to explore the stories lived and the stories created throughout one's life. By examining the stories one tells oneself, an opportunity arises for reassessment and reinterpretation. The living of a meaningful life involves valuing oneself and one's experiences. In modern western society worth is equated by that which is external (the material and objective) rather than the internal experience, yet this internal experience is all we can truly know". By valuing oneself and ones experience, comparison becomes redundant; struggle recedes and life may be viewed as an unfolding.

Psychology: Our psychologist holds a space which allows you to find yourself and unravel your great potential. When hidden issues are identified within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, the work begins, and a greater flow of life begins to trickle back into the heart. We can find it tough to ask for help, but the rewards of seeking this extra support are enormous

Counselling & Psychology is available at Autumn RETREAT on:
Tuesday 2.00pm - 8.00pm Counselling & Counselling Kinesiology with Samantha
Saturday (by appointment) Counselling & Counselling Kinesiology with Samantha
Wednesday 1.30pm - 5.30pm Psychology with Nic
Thursday 1.30pm - 5.30pm
Psychology with Nic

Counselling and Kinesiology sessions with Samantha:
one on one 1hour Counselling sessions $90.00
couples 1 hour Counselling sessions $100.00
90 minute Counselling and Kinesiology sessions $140.00

Psychology sessions with Nic:
1 hour session
$120.00 ($85 medicare rebate)


For bookings and enquiries phone Autumn Retreat reception on 9416 9872

129 Miller Street, Thornbury 3071, Melbourne, Victoria

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